21st September 2020

Cleaning out the pet house and picking up a supply of chew treats is just the beginning when it comes to looking after your pet’s wellbeing – there’s a whole world of products and services that goes into a holistic approach to pet care.

“Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends in a tail.”

Pampering your pet has never been easier. With the right products and tools, both you and your pet’s life can become more comfortable than you ever imagined, giving you more time to spend on the good things in life – like running on the beach and snuggling on the sofa together.

Discover everything you need for proper pet care, from grooming and puppy school to feeding, clothing and cleaning up after your pet.

“If you’re looking to level-up your pet enclosure, your pet’s diet, wardrobe or toybox, we’ve got you covered for pet perfection.”


Pimp your pooch, curtail kitty’s claws or tidy up with a trim or tooth treatment. Keep everyone in the family fresh and fragrant with washes, conditioners, fresheners and even doggy deodorant. It’s all in the line of duty for your furry friend. 


Did somebody say catwalk? Find the perfect piece for your fur baby to sport at home or parade at the park.


Put healthcare first with your pets, from tank water testing for your fishy friends to tick treatments, multivitamins, dental care. Ease everyone’s stress and anxiety – including the four-legged type.

Pet House

For the safety and comfort of your pet, whether indoors or outside, choosing a climber or kennel, bed or carrier that’s the perfect size and material is fundamental to everyone’s wellbeing.


Of course your pet needs a new toy! Ornamental fish tank plants, cuddly or chew toys or something to chase and fetch keeps everyone healthy, occupied and active.

Give your furry friend the su-paw love they deserve.