Kick start your year with these home and living projects

It’s not long until the kids are back at school; we’re ready and excited for a new year and a new start. Naturally, it’s the perfect time for a little home improvement!

Maybe it’s time to update your lighting for a whole new look, or perhaps you’d like to create a practical and productive working space at home. Or maybe it’s your furry best friend that’s getting a makeover this season with the coolest new pet accessories?

No matter what you have in mind, you can get ready for the year by restyling, refreshing and reorganising at home. Here are our fresh ideas and advice  to get you started!

How to create a whole new look with feature lighting

Pendant lighting is unique in its power to create a bright and beautiful highlight in any room. Choose from sleek hanging lights or an extravagant chandelier – anything goes!

A floor lamp can change the whole look of a space and add an element of height among lower pieces of furniture. It can perfectly fill an empty corner, or two can frame and illuminate a larger feature such as the couch.

A light bar is perfect above a kitchen bench, in the bathroom, or even over a home office workspace. This practical lighting fixture includes two to four lights and can even be installed over an artwork as a stylish spotlight.

Table lamps are often overlooked when lighting a home, but there are many new sculpture-like designs that can catch the eye and transform the space.

Set up your home office to create an enjoyable working space

Like many, you may have created a makeshift home office last year assuming you’d be back in the workplace full-time by 2021. As perceptions of working from home continue to change, it’s a great time to review and revitalise your working from home setup. 

First things first, an ergonomic home office chair. You can spend at least seven hours of your day sitting in this chair, so it’s as important as investing in a good mattress. Find a suitable chair to support your back and spine. Look for one that is easy to adjust to your height and set up. 

Our Centre is stocked full of desks to suit your working style. You could even consider a standing desk that allows you to sit down or stand up as you work. 

Adequate lighting isn’t always easy in a room that was never intended to become an office. A task lamp will add the extra lighting you need to focus on your work.

Keep your car in top-notch condition with these must-have car care products

When life gets busy, we tend to neglect our cars but with a little TLC and the right products, you can make your car look and feel brand new again! 

The once-a-year-car polish is one of the most popular car cleaning products in Australia. This polish offers protection, durability and shine for a car’s exterior all year round. 

Carpet and seat wipes are also handy for car interior cleaning, and rain repellent glass cleaner will keep your windows clear of water droplets and dirt. 

And don’t forget the tyre shine! This product both enhances the look of your tyres and protects them. 

Get the latest and greatest pet accessories for your best friend 

With so much Summer rain around this year, it’s a good time to upgrade and replace your dog’s kennel to ensure your best friend is feeling cared for and as comfy as you are!

Make sure it has enough room to walk inside and do a few turns before laying down for a nice long nap. Whether you’re looking for a design that’s traditional or one to match your outdoor area styling – you’ll find a great range in Centre now.

If your pet is more of an indoor prince or princess, there is a host of comfortable and stylish beds to meet your furry friend’s needs. Choose from plush snuggle versions, orthopaedic, odor resistant mattresses or even temperature regulating mats to help keep them cool.

Be sure to keep your pooch stylish outside of home too with a collar, bandanna or coat that perfectly matches their personality… adorable! 

Declutter your kitchen with stylish solutions

Are you keeping a collection of wines, spirits, beer glasses and cocktail glasses in your kitchen? Free up cupboard space with a stylish bar cart. 

Double the shelving space in your cupboards with a stacking shelf to make the most of the vacant spots throughout your kitchen. These shelves work by adding an extra layer on top of an existing one for optimum pantry organisation. Floating shelves also offer added storage without overwhelming a room.

A drawer organiser is of course a must-have. We all have at least one humble draw of cooking utensils, spare batteries, pens and random odds and ends that needs to be tidied! 

Find it all in one handy place

Get everything you need for your Summer home improvement projects, and much more, at Warners Bay Home. Visit today and get started!  

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